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Investment contract

Investment contract is a financial product designed for medium-and long-term investments in highly liquid assets that provides for maintenance of the invested capital as well as for returns exceeding the average rate on bank deposits. 

FinCIB offers you to conclude an investment contract on special terms and conditions.

The main characteristics of the product:
  - An investment contract means investing in highly liquid assets;
  - The average yield on investments at the end of 2011 was as follows:
  + in Russian rubles: 26.91% per annum;
  + in dollars: 13.7% per annum;
  + in euro: 12.3% per annum;
  - The effective term of the investment contract is determined based on the chosen asset;
  - Quarterly reporting.

Investment terms and conditions:
  - Currency: Russian rubles, U.S. Dollars, Euro;
  - Minimum value of the contract: 5,000 $, Euro, or the equivalent in Russian rubles;
  - Minimum effective term of the contract: 6 months;
  - The payment of investment income: individual;
  - Prolongation: possible;
  - Premature termination: possible.


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