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Asset management

Asset and wealth management means an effective comprehensive management of private capital. Research on objectives and needs, structuring and planning your leisure time and entertainment.

FinCIB offers you the following opportunities:
  • Investment contract
    (The strategy is designed for the purposes of self-management and independent distribution of your assets in the sector of government securities and shares in companies performed based on our recommendations and suggestions. Not limitations on the return. Risk of trading volatility.)

  • Guaranteed Investment deposit
    (A new quality standard for placement of your investments. Fixed income is up to 12% in USD with a guaranteed 100% maintenance of capital. No risks existing.)

  • Family Office
    (Having made certain achievements most of us begin to think about distribution of our free time and how to use it without any damage to the source of wealth. We offer you an absolutely transparent scheme of managing your business which provides very impressive results and efficiency. We offer you TIME which you can spend on yourselves and your family.) 

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