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Attracting investments in projects and business

8402643fg_xl.jpgDeveloping your business only at your own expense is not always economically expedient. Raising capital is an important tool for expanding your line of business. Receiving direct investments, the company acquires not only money but also a partner, which benefits when the business, in which such partner invests its money, succeeds.

The investor (financial investor or private equity fund) acquires a holding of shares in some company hoping that it would sell them in some time making a profit for itself. Thus, it is directly interested in the development of the recipient company, in increasing its market capitalization by driving-up the value of the investor-owned shares.

Investments are attracted in any form of your choice; we are also ready to provide you with the most objective financial advice on the full range of possible financial sources and financing options:
• Bank loans of Russian banks, banks in Europe, America and Asia
• Leasing;
• Bonds, including bonds issued in Europe, America and Asia;
• Placement of shares (IPO);
• The funds of Private equity funds, venture capital funds;
• Funds of private investors;
• Buying and selling real estate with its subsequent lease;
• A number of other sources.

We provide the following services:
• Preparation and collection of documents for investors and / or creditors;
• Analysis of the investment project, identification of the project risks and developing options to minimize them;
• Marketing, financial and organizational plans for the project;
• Development of a business plan, project feasibility studies, promotional brochures, IPO prospectuses and other documents;
• Development of schemes to ensure fulfillment of obligations both for banks and investors.

If you wish to invest in a profitable and stable business, we will consider your wishes with great interest.

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