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Analysis and evaluation of projects

8998053_xlcvh(1).jpgIn the process of its realization the investment project undergoes the following stages:
o development of investment proposals, and declarations of intent;
o development of the project feasibility studies;
o calculation of investments and its justification ;
o implementation of the investment project (Economic Monitoring).

The investment project is subject to evaluation to select the most optimal conditions for investment or crediting, as well as when searching for a source of funding the project. The main objective of assessing the commercial effectiveness of the investment project is to determine its profitability level in absolute and relative terms (i.e. per unit of investment costs, of capital), which is usually characterized as the rate of return.

Traditionally, the economic evaluation is carried out according to a system of interrelated factors:
o net income;
o net present value (NPV);
o profitability index (PI);
o the payback period (lump-sum costs pay-back period of one-time costs (PB));
o internal rate of return (IRR).

When it is intended to fund the project from several sources, the effectiveness of participation in the project for each investor separately is estimated in accordance with its share of funding. In addition, it is also important to assess the impact of risk factors - sensitivity analysis. The project is deemed to be sustainable and effective if it ensures the benefit of participants in all the situations, and any possible adverse effects are neutralized.

When rendering services of investment projects evaluation, we give a full and complete answer to the question about the effectiveness of investments, cost-effectiveness and profitability of the project subject to evaluation. The following will make the basis for this conclusion:
o Analysis of project risks
o Analysis of basic indicators of economic efficiency
o Selection of the optimal financing scheme

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