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Art objects


Art-Investing product means investing in works of art, which allows us to make these investments attractive and reliable for the long term.
Turning to us, you can count on professional help in selecting a worthy object of investment. In addition to the full range of consulting services regarding acquisition and ownership of works of art, we provide solutions for a number of practical issues, varying from conclusion of the transaction to the transportation of the purchased object of art and its insurance.
The art market is growing, while other financial markets are recessing. A weak correlation between art works and shares and bonds makes them a promising tool for diversification of investment portfolios. Therefore, works of art are turning into a fashionable line of investments, as a result the prices of art works grow up to the record levels at auctions, private art funds are being established and tools to analyze market trends are being developed.
As compared with the international securities market, markets of gold and bank deposits, the art market is capable of bringing their investors profits in the amount of 20-50% per annum and above, and in some areas 2-3 times higher.


The main characteristic feature of this investment line is its uniqueness in terms of investment business. Organic consolidation of capitals not only in business investments but also in the Arts conditions the high status of investments and their hereditary nature. Uniqueness of the product “Investing in Arts” is not only interesting but also practical, because the value of art is continuously growing up.

What we mean speaking about art. It means luxury items, vases, bronze statues, paintings dating from the Renaissance up to modern days. The leading auction houses in London and Paris are our partners. Antique shops and dealership network in Russia and abroad.
 Minimum investment amount is 50,000 Euros.


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