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The procedure for acquiring a precious stone

Diamonds are a very special commodity. FinCIB Holding offers its services in acquisition, storage and subsequent sale of your asset. To make your investment profitable and “right” the minimum amount of investment shall not be less than 50,000.0 (fifty thousand) U.S. dollars. The size of the diamond should not be less than one carat.

The procedure for the co-operation:

  1. You determine the amount of investments;

  2. You contact us;

  3. We will advise you and offer you the most favorable options to acquire and safe keep precious stones;

  4. We conclude an Agency Agreement with you regarding arrangements made to acquire, safe keep and further dispose of precious stones;

  5. After making payment you will receive a Certificate in which the asset, its cost, properties are specified, and the  contract of storage;

  6. On the client’s request we can arrange for manufacturing of a jewelry article using your precious stone with its subsequent delivery to territory of the Russian Federation;

  7. If you wish to sell the article or the precious stone, we offer auctions or private investors to purchase your asset.

Our Holding also offers you a full range of legal and consulting services.


Investments in Diamonds 

10600753_mxf.jpgYou place your financial assets in the most liquid instruments according to the ratio of size / quality / price. There is no necessity to keep your savings in banks and trusts, as investing in diamonds "carry trade" makes it possible to dispose of the most liquid assets as well as to obtain profits from the increase in diamond prices which exceeds the increase in the interest rate in the banking sector by 5-10 times! (in 2010 there was registered the increase in the value of diamonds in the amount of 30-40%).

Since ancient times diamonds have been treated and used as symbols of high status and wealth. The definition of precious stones of beautiful configurations implies that they are attractive in terms of investing in them.

Diamonds are often used as bank assets; this fact makes them valuable investments. 


Download presentation "Investments in gemstones"

Rapaport Diamond Report is an excellent source of information, however, it is hard for a non-professional to gain insight into it and, secondly, it does not specify prices of all precious stones because it is dedicated to diamonds.

According to the opinion of the experts of the holding as well as of independent consultants, to make “the right investments” the minimum amount to be invested in jewelry with precious stones should be equivalent of 50,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, the average cost of one jewelry article which in case of further resale will bring its owner some profit, makes 8-9 thousand dollars.

Diamond jewelry and precious stones can be divided into three groups:
1. Exclusive jewelry. It is usually available in a single copy or in an author series of small circulation, in the quantity not exceeding ten copies in the WORLD! Such jewelry is the most interesting in terms of long-term investments and the increase in its value as time goes on.

2. Jewelry with a large (more than one carat) diamond or gemstone. The cheaper the frame, the bigger the share of price falls on the stone. It is investment in such jewelry that meets the definition of investments in precious stones.

3. Antique jewelry, which is older than seventy years. The price of such product increases significantly if the author of the article was well-known and, for example, worked in the studio of Ovchinnikov, Faberge, Khlebnikov and others.

In antique jewelry it is the work of the master but not the stone that constitutes its principal value; in such articles these stones are faceted according to antique technology and that prevents them from shining to the full extent.

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