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Alternative investments

Alternative investments are a worthy alternative to the classical investments for true judgers of “precious” investments. Investing in non-traditional instruments and acquisition of rare assets of collector value.

By investing in alternative sources, ranging from diamonds to real estate, you get an Investment Certificate with a certain real asset with immediate delivery attached to it.

The advantage of the Investment Certificate for a particular asset is the possibility to your money on transportation and insurance.

This type of investment also allows you to capitalize your assets at the moment of entry into the market and to get returns in the amount of 30-40% of their value. You get not only a security but a deed proving your ownership of real assets, which you can immediately get at the place where it is kept.
 All assets attached to the Investment Certificate are kept by the stock exchange or by your trust attorney.

Given the experience of FinCIB Holding we offer our clients only high-yielding and the most stable assets and Investment Certificates for them.

FinCIB offers Investment Certificates for the following assets:
  • Diamonds
    Taking advantage of our long experience, our resources and professional consulting and advisory support on the Israeli Diamond Exchange, you get an opportunity to invest in the exclusive gemstones of unique colors, shapes and sizes.

  • Precious stones
    Opals, rubies, emeralds

  • Jewelry
    Products, inlaid with precious stones, jewelry of international brands.

  • Art objects
    Modern art is becoming more and more popular in the field of investment activities and captivate investors both by its aesthetical and financial attractiveness. The value of many of the works increases in a fairly short period of time (5-10 years) by 1000 times!

  • Antiques
    Acquisition of works of art representing objects of special historical value.

  • Unique Swiss mechanisms
    As a professional participant of the Diamond Stock Exchange FinCIB is a supplier of collectable precious stones for Swiss factories producing jewelry watches and clocks.

  • Real estate
    Acquisition of a common or shared ownership of luxury property in any region of your choice. Full support of the transaction up to the moment of signing the contract.

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