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Information about the Company

International Investment Holding FinCIB is a stable company with an active and firm position in the market which specializes in the management, maintenance and building –up of capital.

FinCIB traces its history from 1988. That's when the founders of the company - active and dedicated people, have established their first business. Large-scale projects have been implemented in various fields of business and economy in the process of its functioning. 

Our commitment and ability to implement business ideas have been proven by practice: we have gained the trust of our partners and clients, and at the same time, we have realized that, if we managed to succeed it means that we can help others build their successful business. Thus, in 2008 it was decided to establish a financial and investment holding FinCIB, the brand of which united financial assets, experience, knowledge and skills. And today it has turned into a holding structure widely diversified in various fields of business and economy.

Within more than 20 years of development, we have managed to implement efficient investment projects in various sectors of economy and to make them successful. Since the establishment of the Holding, we are increasing the welfare of our Russian and foreign clients, as well as creating conditions to attract investments. We are always happy to offer you the most advanced options and products.

PURPOSES of Investment Holding FinCIB
  • We strive to ensure that the Investment Holding FinCIB takes a leading position among the financial institutions, that our actions always meet the expectations of our clients and partners, that achievements and success come as a result of our joint efforts.

  • We help our clients build and develop a stable and thriving business.

OBJECTIVES of Investment Holding FinCIB
  • Our objective is to offer you the right solutions to quickly and efficiently deal with your money and obtain returns on it..

  • We aim to provide services of 100% quality assurance, to develop an individual approach to each client.

ADVANTAGES of Investment Holding FinCIB
  • Investment Holding FinCIB is an international company which fact enables it to perform any obligations it assumes, regardless of a client location.

  • Successful management of our own capital allows us to attract an increasing number of clients interested in maintaining and increasing their own funds.

  • The main advantage of our company is the maintenance of assets, security of the capital and respect of information confidentiality.

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